Carla Martinez
Undergraduate Graphic Design  ||
Packaging Design
Beauty & Social Media

My work combines personal experience with creative exploration. I don’t limit myself to one specific medium, allowing my ideas to take form in various ways. My work is bold – something that makes you stop and take a look. I achieve this by pushing the boundaries of color, while staying focused on a project’s purpose. My creative process is very methodical, taking into consideration a project’s goal as well as how it can be accomplished using design principles. I begin by brainstorming and writing my thoughts down on paper (resulting in a messy combination of doodles and words). Afterward, I revisit the purpose and elaborate on my strongest ideas.

The Beauty and Social Media poster series is a commentary on self-esteem from a feminine perspective, meant to spark dialogue between itself and whoever is viewing it.The viewer should be able to connect what they see to their own life, whether that be through a positive or negative lens. I’d argue that social media has led society to believe that there’s an ideal body image that has become the beauty standard. As a result, those of us who may not fit that description are made to feel inadequate. There’s a level of my own vulnerability in this series, as each phrase is related to what I’ve witnessed growing up. This project began as a series of words but has become something much more personal – a story in which the viewer is the author.

My perspective stems from a place where the two distinct realities that have shaped me seem to overlap. I am not fully American, yet I’ll never be able to relate to what my grandparents and ancestors have experienced across the border. My practice is shaped by courage, patience as well as compassion. I’m highly influenced by my Salvadoran culture and the way in which I was raised, fully aware that the majority of those in the design industry do not look like me, making each project I create all the more significant.


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