Alexandra Navas
Undergraduate Graphic Design  ||
UI/UX Design
Who Are You?
Interactive Website

Self-identity is a concept that many people struggle with. Not only is finding who you are very challenging, but as you grow older and experience new things, your sense of self constantly shifts and evolves based on those lived experiences. Being an international student, I’m interested in exploring my cultural identity to remain connected with my home country. However, being exposed to and having to assimilate to a different culture can result in having a mixed culture.


Who are you? is an interactive website that challenges one’s sense of identity, and overall recounts my personal and ongoing journey of finding my own identity. During my research, I began exploring different projects about cultural identity, and I was interested in finding what factors shape us to become who we are today, and why certain experiences are more formative to our identity than others. Whether you’re entirely secure in your own self-conception, or if you’re completely confused as to who you are - this project will serve as a guide for those who need reassurance, or as a challenge for those in need of it.


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