Liam Snider
Undergraduate Graphic Design  ||
Print Design
Hutchings Journal
Print, poster, large scale photo

My name is Liam Snider and during the course of my senior project I set out to understand if I could tell better stories through the use of print design and photography. I believe that in our increasingly digital world the best way to connect and reach people is through analog formats. Our ability to tell stories and share experiences is one of the most glorious qualities that separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. These anecdotes shared over time are the foundation for recording our history and writing the stories that exist when we are no longer here to tell them. I set out to capture a series of images that tell stories of people, places, passions, and lifestyles. I never arranged what I would come across but rather I strived for new experiences and let the subjects come to me. Through this, I became addicted to the chase of finding new subjects and ways to capture them that are interesting and authentic. The result is a series of large format printed images and other printed collateral.


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