Lindsey Jones
Undergraduate Graphic Design  ||
Branding, Packaging Design
Chocolate Bar Rebrand
Physical Print

My style moves more towards mixing realistic and simple aspects for a clean, thought-out design that will reach the intended audience. With this in mind, I took on the challenge of rebranding three chocolate bar packages for a company in efforts to create a distinguished and unique design for each chocolate bar flavor. Using the main ingredients as inspiration, I have designed and constructed packaging that gives more insight to what the product is beyond simply reading the label.

As you bite into each bar, you taste the creamy texture of the chocolate, but you also get the perfect balance of the chunks of hatch, orange, and coffee in each chocolate bar flavor. These chunks of the main ingredient allow the consumer to taste the qualities of the chocolate without overwhelming it with another flavor. The two work together by creating the perfect balance of chocolate and added flavor. This taste inspired this design by distinguishing each flavor that makes these bars unique.


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