Madison Sweet
Undergraduate Graphic Design  ||
UI/UX Design
Digital App

My work explores the intersection between culture and function, encourages interaction, and successfully discerns narratives through visualization and design. Interactive experiences with technology have moved from purely design-based to becoming cultural phenomena; the idea of “swiping right” indicates approval; when in doubt, pull down your screen like a slot machine to refresh a thread.

My project focuses on the possible interactions between design and music, and how they can engage with each other to create a new, personalized experience. I began designing an app that would allow the audience to be more intimately tied with the music, making them feel like part of the performance.  

With Concerto, I focus on the possibilities that allow and encourage design, music, and people to engage in a new, interactive experience. Concerto transforms concert-goers into an active and integral part of a musician’s performance and production through an interactive app.

Inspired by the traditional format of a large concert, this app gives the audience the power to change the designs displayed on screens flanking the stage with various predetermined designs or user-generated content.

With Concerto, I explore my capacity as a UX artist, give listeners tools to express themselves, and allow musicians a platform to invite their audience into the creative process. With Concerto, we can all be artists—if only for the duration of a song.


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