Mikaela Tan
Undergraduate Graphic Design  ||
Animation, Illustration
Digital Stop Motion Animation

When you hear the word "mundane", what’s the first image that comes to mind? Our rinse and repeat routines like our commute to work, or cooking our own meals day after day exemplifies the mundane. These seemingly insignificant actions make up the foundation for how we live, simultaneously tedious and necessary. Because of this shared experience, the idea of the mundane is inherently a universally relatable concept. Much like the mundane itself, NAP aims to be an uncomplicated, yet relatable piece.

I wanted to take the lesser-known frustrations of living with ADHD, such as sleep onset insomnia, and create an animation that characterized myself and this minor struggle to a wider audience. I intentionally worked with two-dimensional materials, like paper, to further emphasize the "flatness" of the mundane situation. The ultimate goal with this project is to take advantage of the universal relatability to the mundane, and use it to bring more awareness to symptoms of ADHD that are often overlooked.


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