Monica Canavati
Undergraduate Graphic Design  ||
Families for Freedom

The American dream is something people around the world aspire to achieve. It is the reason why people across the border risk their lives every single day for a shot at opportunity. People from all around South America, Central America, and Mexico take on journeys that last months maybe years to reach the border. Once they do, they are not only denied entry, but are held at the border and separated from their loved ones. With this project, my goal is not only to spread awareness but also to promote active citizenships.

Families for freedom is an organization that helps immigrants fight deportation. Designing Families for Freedom’s new brand image will direct people’s eyes towards the brand. I am re-designing their website to fit the new brand image. I am creating  a campaign including posters to promote upcoming events. Pamphlets with basic immigration knowledge to keep people informed and educate them on what is happening at the border. Merchandise for Families for Freedom to sell to gather more money to donate and help these families in need.

I am a Mexican woman living in the United States and am looking for the American dream myself. During that process I want other people to achieve it too. My work will be a starting point to change the perspective of the way people look at immigrants coming into the US. A way to change the stereotype that immigrants are taking American people’s jobs, or that them being in the US are a threat to society. We don’t choose where we were born, but we do choose everything that comes after that. Immigrants risk their lives daily for a better chance at a future for themselves and for their families, they come here looking to find the American Dream everyone hears stories about.


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