Jack Kelty
Undergraduate Graphic Design  ||
Illustration, Motion Graphics
Gambling and Gacha games
Digital art, motion graphics

The Gacha game, is a recent development that is a permutation of the concept of the gachapon machine but is much more akin to a new form of gambling and uses many of the same tactics that modern casino’s use to lure in customers while still maintaining their status as games to avoid scrutiny. Through this work I wish to show how gacha games put on this bright and fun exterior to hide the more predatory practices that they use to bring in revenue.
When creating characters for the game, the rarity of the character is heavily considered when determining their design. Low rarity characters are often given features that soften the impact or try to avoid angering the player in any way, while medium and high rarity characters need to be designed in ways that won’t leave players unsatisfied with the roll, Nobody wants a 5 star character that is unlikable.
My breadth of experience of various different Gacha systems assisted me in producing this representation of the games in a more honest light.


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