Jerry Silva
Undergraduate Graphic Design  ||
Product Design
Product Design, Website, Typography

My process as a designer can take different forms for different projects. For example, for this project I made a candle label, then the inspiration I get when making the label comes from a book of architecture. No correlation, of course, but I chose to make the architecture I’m including in my label to mean something to me and I decided to incorporate the design and architecture of places and things of the cities I’ve lived in over the course of my life. My work can seem a bit biased to some, just because I usually tend to incorporate elements of own my life experiences in my work, even if it’s meant for other people. I believe that digging experiences within my own psyche helps me process and create more meaningful work for myself.
In this project I decided to choose personal locations that are special to myself to create a label for a candle brand. My hometown from Mexico's plaza, Vernazza a city in Florence I visited, and a railway train that always passed through my town in Hillsboro, North Dakota. In order to connect with the project I drew inspiration from these places to create a scent and a narrative within the label to attract a customer.


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